"Benefits of water efficiency management system"

05-May-2023 15:30 PM

There are few significant things that we usually take for granted as much as our ability to turn on the tap and get water in seemingly endless supply. Even during droughts, and despite warnings about Shortages and Conservation, most of us treat this precious natural resource as a given. What many people don’t realize that it’s fairly easy to implement systems for recycling and reusing water on your own property, thereby decreasing the demands on shared supplies, and reduce your water bills as well.

"To reduce Water Efficiency - Use SS577"

What and Why!!

The purpose of SS577:2012 standard is to enable organizations to assess and account for their water usage and to identify, plan and implement measures to achieve water savings through systematic management of water. 

To align with strategies for sustainable water management, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) encouraged companies to be more innovative in their water management approaches to lower consumption.

Since January 2015, it is mandatory for all large water users, including commercial buildings/industrial premises, which consumes at least 60,000 cubic meters in the previous year to inform PUB, install private water meters, and to present their Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs) every year.

Some of the significant benefits:

Adopt a systematic approach to manage water efficiency.

Achieve water savings and reduce operational costs.

Assist in the development & reporting of the Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

Opportunity to gain PUB’s Water Efficiency Building (WEB) Gold certification.

Increase stakeholder assurance on water issues.

Enhance image as a green sustainability corporate organization.

How can We Help You!!

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