29-Dec-2023 15:12 PM

A very comprehensive course encompassing critical lifesaving skills, ranging from rescuing a choked victim (conscious and unconscious), to performing quality CPR for adults and infants.

Healthcare personnel, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Lifeguards, or any employees required by the respective authorities to be trained in BCLS. Any First Aiders or individuals who are interested in broadening their skills.

1.    Normally we have the first aid course with CPR+AED technique but the Basic cardiac life support course have only AED technique

2.    Also we have two types of method to rescue the people.

3.    One is Hand only and another one is Mouth to Mouth.

4.    But in this course, We use Mouth to Mouth method.

5.    Before COVID, did manual Mouth to Mouth technique, after COVID we use PVM technique to do this method

6.    We do the Inhouse training for the courses or within the apartment too.

7. SDF funding available for this course for Singaporean and PR Singapore.