Fire Safety Manager General Responsibilities

10-Jan-2024 18:00 PM

Assuring and enhancing fire safety within buildings is the aim of the Fire Safety Manager Scheme (FSM). Additionally, the Fire Safety Manager promotes fire safety awareness among building occupants through fire safety activities and fire prevention measures. It helps building owners prevent substantial monetary and life losses due to fires by engaging a Fire Safety Manager. 

The fire safety manager's general responsibilities

  • Make sure that the Emergency Response Plan's fire safety regulations are followed at all times;
  • Oversee the upkeep of all fire safety measures within the building;
  • make ensuring that the building's occupant load in any area never exceeds the fire code-recommended capacity;
  • Daily inspections of the property, removal of any fire hazards discovered there, or arrangement for their removal, creation and implementation of an emergency response plan, and distribution of the plan to the property's occupants (ii) arrange fire drills for the building's residents at least twice a year, or more frequently as the Commissioner may specify;
  • Make certain that everyone residing there is aware of the ways to exit the property;
  • Create fire safety handbooks for the building's tenants; instruction in first aid, firefighting, and evacuation in the event of a fire or other related emergency; coordination, supervision, and training of the Company Emergency Response Team for the premises; instruction in these areas for the occupants of the premises;
  • Oversee and manage the residents' actions while fighting a fire or other similar emergency and evacuating the building;
  • Oversee the Fire Command Center's operations in the event of a fire or other relevant emergency;
  • Carry out at least two Table-Top Exercises on the property each year and assess the efficacy of the Arson Prevention Plan and the Emergency Response Plan for those premises in collaboration with the Fire Safety Committee;
  • Create and carry out the property's arson prevention plan;
  • Immediately notify the Commissioner of any fire incident that occurs on the property; plan campaigns, workshops, contests, and other events that will cultivate and sustain the interest of the tenants in creating a fire-safe environment; perform any additional tasks that the Commissioner may specify.