How to Become a Confined Space Assessor in Singapore

26-Jan-2024 15:20 PM
People who work in industries that involve confined spaces have probably heard of confined space assessors. Confined space assessors have a specific job description. 
 What is a Confined Space Assessor?
     Those who assess the risks associated with working in confined spaces are known as confined space assessors. Any enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not intended for continuous human occupancy is considered a confined space. Tanks, silos, tunnels, manholes, and sewers are examples of confined spaces.
     Contained space assessors are responsible for identifying and mitigating potential hazards associated with working in confined spaces. In order to ensure that work is carried out safely and that everyone involved is aware of the risks, confined space assessors work closely with individuals that will be entering confined spaces, such as engineers, contractors, and maintenance workers.
Confined Space Assessor Responsibilities
     Depending on the industry they operate in, restricted space assessors may have different duties, but some typical ones are as follows:
1. Recognizing restricted areas and evaluating the dangers of working in them
2. creating safety controls to lessen the risks related to operating in small areas
3. preparing and monitoring the access permits for limited spaces
4. examining restricted areas to make sure entry is safe
5. holding training courses for employees who will be going into restricted areas
6. preserving documentation of licenses and assessments for limited spaces
Who Should Work as an Assessor of Confined Space?
     Confined space assessors are usually found in manufacturing, mining, and construction industries, among other sectors where confined spaces are prevalent. A job as a confined space assessor can be a good fit for you if you have experience in one of these sectors and are passionate about protecting worker safety.
     However, certain education and training are needed to become a restricted space assessor. Gaining a thorough grasp of the risks involved in working in cramped areas and the preventative measures that can be implemented is essential.