ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System(FSMS)

21-Dec-2023 15:59 PM

 ISO 22000 food safety management system can be applied to any organization who follows food chain,farming,food processing and packaging. It based on the principle of HACCP.

(Hazard analysis and critical control point), Its old standard ISO 22000:2005 replaces the new version of ISO 22000:2018. It introduces plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle. 
since most of the countries from worldwide uses the ISO 22000 as food safety management system   to follow. 
whatever the size of the sector,every organization have to maintain the safety in their foodproduct  and also wellbeing of the consumer.
By following ISO 22000 certified ,your company will improve the commitment of safety and quality.
By Identifying scope and objectives of FSMS we can find the risk and hazards. 
In addition to FSMS it also be integrated with other management system. such as ISO 9001.

o    reduced food safety hazards
o    trust &customer satisfacton
o    continual improvement will keep your fsms stay active and updated
o    Improves food safety improement. 
o    Greater marketing opportunities.

Requirements of FSMS:
o    Based on the principle of HACCP.
o    Planning,Designing,implementation,and documentation.
o    Having emergency plan.
o    Maintaining the records of the sector.