27-Dec-2023 15:41 PM

ISO 50001:2018 (ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EnMS)) helps companies to identify and improve energy storage technologies, including the need for more capital investment, is not required. In most cases, specialist experts and staff training requires successfully implementing an EnMS. We have created ISO 50001 for companies that promised to overcome their impact, protect resources and improve grassroots by efficient energy management.

Certificate for ISO 50001:
Like other ISO management system standards, Certificate for ISO 50001 is possible, but not obligatory. Some companies decide only to implement quality for the benefits it offers. Others decide to certify it, and they have implemented the outer parties of the Energy Management system. ISO does not certify.

Developing an Energy Management System: 
The management system of continuous improvement used for other well -known standards such as ISO 50001 ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 is based on the model of the management system. This makes it easy for companies to integrate energy management in overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management.

ISO provides the structure of the requirements for 50001 companies:

  • Create a principle of using energy more efficiently
  • Adjust the goals and objectives to complete the policy 
  • Use data to understand well and make decisions about energy use.
  • Measure the results.
  • Review how well the policy is works, and
  • Continue to improve energy management.