Overtime Exemption (OT) Audit

11-Jan-2024 13:01 PM

Overtime Exemption Audits assess the level of risk associated with work activities that need to be performed over 12 hours a day or longer in an organization.

It will take one manday to complete this audit. Overtime Exemption audits are conducted for organizations applying for overtime exemptions.

MOM Approved Auditor will conduct the audit on behalf of MOM Approved Auditing Organization. During the audit, documents will be reviewed, site inspections will be conducted to verify the implementation of risk control measures, and key personnel will be interviewed.

Risk assessment will be checked by the Auditor to make sure the following factors have been considered:
In addition to the length of extended working hours,

The type of work and workload of employees, including, where applicable, adjustments for chemical exposure, noise exposure, and heat stress. 

All risk control measures are taken into account when determining the risk level. Upon going through the risk register, the Auditor will endorse the risk register if he is satisfied and confirms that all work activities carried out overtime involve Low Risk and none of the activities listed under Annex A of the Overtime Exemption Application Form are carried out overtime.