The Common workplace accidents on construction sites

08-Jan-2024 11:49 AM

Slips, Trips and Falls:

Spills, weather hazards and loose mats often cause slips, while trips are often the result of obstructed vision, poor lighting, clutter or pavement surfaces.

Accident due to high places:

18% of workplace deaths are caused by falls from height. Inadequate protection, misused or poorly maintained equipment, and poorly lit or cluttered work areas all contribute to falls from height.

Accident due to moving vehicles:

Most of these accidents occur when workers are struck by vehicles or equipment. Poor training obstructs operators' visibility, and a lack of high-visibility clothing for workers can put your workforce at greater risk.

To hit by flying or falling objects:

Workers are most at risk when working under cranes, scaffolding and other overhead equipment.

Electric Shock:

Electrical injuries in the workplace are rare, but they can be very dangerous. The danger comes from both electric shock and arc flash. Most electrical accidents result from improper maintenance or grounding of equipment, unsafe practices around power lines and conductors, overloaded circuits or exposed electrical parts, or improper wiring.

Protect employees and business with the right insurance:

Preventing accidents should be your first line of defense against workplace accidents. But in case of accidents, your second row is protected with adequate insurance coverage. The best way to protect your workforce is to provide your workforce with safety training and obtain course certificates and also BizSAFE & ISO 45001:2018 certifications for your company as this will create worker health and safety.