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Awareness & Internal Auditor Training on ISO 14001:2015 (IA-14001:2015)

This course includes a detailed review of ISO 14001:2015 standard, process mapping, auditing techniques, corrective action analysis and evaluation, reporting, and much more. It is the perfect class for beginners to auditing and the ISO standard or those seeking a refresher course. This is currently the most dynamic course available anywhere in the world, due to the progressive, hands-on approach.
Those wishing to implement an EMS that have little in place, or are in the early stages of development of their EMS
Those wishing to update their ISO 14001, Environmental management system in such a manner that it facilitates the opportunity for embracing other systems
Interpreting ISO 14001:2015: – A clause-by-clause review and interpretation of ISO 14001:2015.
Auditing ISO14001 ?how to audit ISO14001 and how to recognize and address nonconformances. Also discussion of ISO 14001:2015 linkages and themes including: risk management, regulatory compliance, significant aspects, views of interested parties, documentation and procedures.
Audit theory, tools and skills ? A discussion of how internal audits may be approached to add value to an organization. Also, detailed presentation and practice with focus on developing auditing skills in audit preparation, checklist development, document review, interviewing, observation and reporting.
The course is interactive in nature with emphasis on active involvement of participants in group-work, brainstorming sessions, reflection exercises and assessment of case studies which will result in the participants developing understanding and skills for conducting internal audits for an EMS effectively. At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

Interpret the requirements of ISO 14001
Ensure the correct application of accepted audit protocols for EMS
Plan and undertake internal audits
Facilitate value-added auditing and reporting to aid enhanced system performance
Upon successful completion of the course a certificate endorsed by Dynamic Safety Pte Ltd will be issued the participants.
116 Lavender Street,
#02-01, Pek Chuan Building,
Singapore 338730
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Course Duration : 8 hours
Assessment : Case Study(cs)/
Attendance : 100 % (Required)
Passing Mark : % for each assessment mode
Min Students : 5
Max Students : 30

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