06-Feb-2024 11:46 AM

     Providing scaffold services at a high level requires adequate supervision, in addition to ensuring safety and ensuring consistent outcomes for customers and end users.      Scaffold supervisors can provide support and motivation to scaffold workers working under demanding conditions, and can contribute greatly to the cohesion of construction projects. When a

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What is fire safety awareness?

05-Feb-2024 17:11 PM

 Fire safety awareness means analyzing potential fire hazards in your neighborhood and taking preventative measures to ensure minimal damage and safe evacuation of all persons exposed to fire.  Fire safety awareness approaches are followed at various places. However, the priority of each approach is to safely and successfully evacuate people trapped in the building in the event of a fir

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Noise Monitoring Officer

02-Feb-2024 17:39 PM

     It is the responsibility of the Noise Monitoring Officer to assist the occupier of the workplace in all aspects, from performing the noise monitoring in their premises through the submission of the noise monitoring report to the Ministry of Manpower. Noise measurement is a legal requirement      It is the responsibility of the occupier of the workplace (fact

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Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QEHS)

02-Feb-2024 15:52 PM

QEHS Management System is a framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that your organization can meet applicable standards and regulations. It enables your organization to carry out its duties to achieve organizational objectives.   Although the selfish nature of human beings makes it impossible for us to concentrate on any other effects of the dents on the environment that are to

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Why should I have ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management system) to my Organization?

30-Jan-2024 10:28 AM

  ISO 14001 is the international standard recognized for environmental management system(EMS). It provides a framework for environmental management and evaluation and also enable the companies to perform better  eco-friendly.    It can be applied to any organization who have the issues of facing air pollution, sewage issues, waste management ,resource use and efficiency. &

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How to Become a Confined Space Assessor in Singapore

26-Jan-2024 15:20 PM

People who work in industries that involve confined spaces have probably heard of confined space assessors. Confined space assessors have a specific job description.   What is a Confined Space Assessor?      Those who assess the risks associated with working in confined spaces are known as confined space assessors. Any enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not

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