Essential elements of shipyard safety

24-Jan-2024 13:05 PM

Essential elements of shipyard safety 1. Training and dissemination of knowledge: Provide comprehensive training and education to equip your workforce with the skills and awareness needed to confidently navigate potential risks. Regular training updates are very important. 2. Rigorous Risk Assessment: Identify and rigorously assess risks unique to your shipyard operations. Each ship and project

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Techniques of Risk Management

22-Jan-2024 17:45 PM

Five techniques of risk management: Avoidance Retention Spreads Loss prevention and reduction Exchange (through insurance and contracts) Risk Avoidance: In many cases it is not possible to completely avoid risk, but the possibility should not be overlooked. So water problem often occurs in some buildings and some areas in the campus. By not allowing records or materials to be stored in th

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19-Jan-2024 11:41 AM

Environmental Control Officers (ECO) are becoming more common requirements of approved Environmental Authorizations (EA) and Permits, especially for construction projects. ECOs are typically not clearly defined in EAs as to their responsibilities and duties, so this is a quick summary in order to help you understand what is required for your project. As part of the project team, environmental con

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19-Jan-2024 11:40 AM

ISO 9001 is a standard of Quality. ISO 9001 certification provides that the quality a products manufactured, and work is good in the company. Because this certificate is based on quality. All industries require quality. Having ISO certification will increase sales and market share. ISO certificates are provided by the certification body. ISO certificates have this rule. As per the rule, ISO certif

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Why should I hold ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management system)?

12-Jan-2024 15:07 PM

ISO 14001:2015 is the international standard recognized for environmental management system(EMS).It provides a framework for environmental management and evaluation and also enable the companies to perform better  eco-friendly. By implementing the EMS system in a organization, the organization should take necessary steps to meet the EMS standard by following the principles like resource usage

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Overtime Exemption (OT) Audit

11-Jan-2024 13:01 PM

Overtime Exemption Audits assess the level of risk associated with work activities that need to be performed over 12 hours a day or longer in an organization. It will take one manday to complete this audit. Overtime Exemption audits are conducted for organizations applying for overtime exemptions. MOM Approved Auditor will conduct the audit on behalf of MOM Approved Auditing Organization. During

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